• Company culture

    Strong technical force is an important guarantee of product quality.

  • Honor Certification

    6S site management and advanced assembly line, complete testing equipment and functional testing room.

  • Plant Environment

    Professional service, high quality and scale merits, Qiniu Electromechanical will build a diamond-level brand.

Zhejiang Qiniu Electromechanical Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is an export-oriented enterprise engaged in production and management of various pumps. Our company adopts 6S field management, owns advanced assembly line, complete inspection equipment and a performance test room with complete functions and provides good processing conditions and reliable detection means. Meanwhile, our company has a lot of high-quality technology and management talents, providing technical support and intellectual support for enterprise development.   

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  • Technical Strength

    Strong technical strength is an important guarantee for the quality of Qiniu

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  • Sales Network

    The trend of globalization, we vigorously expand overseas markets.

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  • After-sale

    We provide perfect instant, caring, efficient and quality service.

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  • Apply For Repair

    Upon receipt of the application, we will contact you for the first time

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